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Spray volume qui crée un soutien pour les racines, augmente corps, vitalité et volume pour un coiffage intact, tout en hydratant et nourrissant.


Le résultat sera une chevelure pleine et volumineuse. Les longueurs de cheveux sont douces, repulpées et légers.


Sa formule assure une excellente tenue sans alourdir les cheveux, et assure une excellente action anti-humidité durable.




Stressed straight hair needs a vitality boost which increases its body and volume, making them look fuller and lighter.


Hasty Too Volume Spray is a volume spray that creates support for the roots, keeping the hair flexible for styling intact, all the while hydrating and nourishing.


The outcome will be full, voluminous hair starting from its very base. The hair lengths are soft and full-bodied but not weighed down.

Thanks to its formula, it ensures excellent hold without weighing the hair down, and provides an excellent anti-humidity action over time.

Volume spray

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