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C'est peut-être tentant, mais faut pas le manger!

Ça sort comme de la crème fouetté, ca sent la crème fouette, c'est dans un contenant ressemblant à la crème fouetté mais c'est de la nourriture pour cheveux!

Une luxueuse mousse conditionne la structure et apporte douceur, brillance et hydratation en toute légèreté.

Avec Aloe Vera, graines de tournesol et huile de ricin sans rincage.




Ideal as a hydrating conditioning treatment for all natural and treated hair types, especially for medium and fine hair.

Whipped Cream is a leave-in hydrating conditioning mousse that improves hair hydration providing softness, lightness and shine."Its special light mousse texture, based on Aloe Vera and Sunflower Seeds, nourishes and preserves the hair water balance along lengths and ends. Castor Oil revitalises the hair fibre by preventing split ends.

The innovative Urban Shield technology acts as an anti-pollution protective shield against the aggressions of external agents. The hair will be immediately detangled, easy to comb and hydrated.

The effect is vital, supple and visibly healthy hair.

Hydrating Whipped Cream

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