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Shampoing léger et doux, formulé pour apaiser et calmer les cuir chevelus sensibles et réactifs.


SANS parabènes/petrolatum/sulfates/colorants artificiels


Delicate scalps subject to irritation and prone to redness must to be treated with delicate and soothing products with emollient properties.

Calming Shampoo is a gentle shampoo with a sweet scent formulated to cleanse, relax and soothe the most sensitive skins.
It is able to relieve irritation by moisturising the skin.

Hair is light and gently cleansed. The sensation on the skin is that of a gentle and softening pampering action, capable of soothing all irritations and restoring the normal balance.

Thanks to Chamomile extract with its well-known softening and soothing properties, both scalp and hair are pampered and softened. The presence of Bisabolol and Potassium Olivoyl PCA ensures a moisturising and anti-inflammatory action to restore scalp and hair to their maximum splendour.


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