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Cette élixir de jeunesse est le parfait allié de pré-coiffage qui perfectionne, nourrit, hydrate, réduit les frizottis et protège avant le coiffage.

  • Démêle, nourrit, apporte de la brillance
  • Protège les cheveux colorés
  • Empêche les cassures
  • sans rincage
  • multi-fonctions




All hair types need a perfect pre-styling ally which perfects, provides shine and aids styling before execution. Hasty Too All-In-One is a youth elixir that performs multiple functions and is suitable for all hair types. Its task is to make hair perfect by nourishing, hydrating, providing shine and eliminating frizz.

The result will be shiny, soft and pleasantly scented hair.

The conditioning effect will make it easy to comb and set, for perfect and lasting styling. Its formula acts by protecting the hair from the subsequent styling steps and enhancing the hair.


  • Multi-function leave-in conditioner
  • Detangles, nourishes, adds shine
  • Protects coloured hair
  • Prevents split ends
  • Leaves hair silky


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