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A hydrating facial exfoliator that gives your skin a radiant glow. The use of the Black Exfoliant before spraying the tanning spray, smoothes imperfections and brings durability to the tan. The Black Exfoliant has been specially designed as a complement to the MARC INBANE self-tanning product, but can be used in addition to your current routine. During application, the scrub turns gray due to the presence of particles consisting of natural charcoal with absorption capabilities. These particles adhere to impurities such as sebum. This guarantees effectively cleansed skin.


MARC INBANE Black Exfoliant has more benefits.

The natural base of the scrub rejuvenates the epidermis, which increases the skin's water retention capacity.

This makes it more receptive to the care products that are applied afterwards.




The renowned black facial scrub based on natural
carbon which gives your skin a brightening impulse
and a radiating glow. Exfoliating the skin prior to a tanning treatment smoothes the skin and results in an even and longer lasting tan.


• Ensures effectively cleansed skin
• Rejuvenates the epidermis, which increases the skin's ability to retain moisture
• Oil-free formula without microplastics 


Tip: leave the scrub for 10 minutes as a cleansing mask.

Black Scrub Marc Inbane

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C$46.80Sale Price
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