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Le Boudoir

Looking for a calm and welcoming space to get your hair done?

Le Boudoir Coiffure is a beautiful cozy salon. We are only two hairstylists, which ensures a moment of tranquility for you to fully enjoy the service.

After more than fifteen years of practicing my passion, I make it a priority to understand your needs and expectations so I can offer you suggestions adapted to your lifestyle.

My virtue in hairstyling: Prioritizing the health of the hair no matter what we do. Because healthy hair is the key to shine, softness, and resistance.

I make sure the time spent in my chair is one of relaxation and that you feel comfortable.

Forest Aerial View

Alter Ego range

I specifically chose the ALTER EGO color and styling products line, which aligns to my values by bringing together  efficiency, kindness, performance and sustainability.


Our treatment lines contain high percentages of naturalness thanks to the constant search for functional active ingredients and new ingredients of natural origin.

They are effective without being aggressive.


They do not contain sulphates, parabens, petrolatum and are all nickel, chromium, cobalt and dermatologically tested.


All of their packaging is made from recycled plastic and FSC-certified paper. 

We hold  in addition  at Atelier Major the well-known line KEVIN.MURPHY; inspired by the best ingredients nature has to offer. Another environmentally conscious line with great efficiency while being gentle. 

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art."

Ralph Waldo Emerson



When it comes to balayage, foilyage, color melting, or really any kind of transformational hair service, clear and open communication between you and I is key. It’s the only way that I can ensure that I'll be creating results that align with your desires and expectations.

The discussion will revolve around your hair history, hair goals, and the technical aspects of your hair (like texture, current levels, etc.).

Pssst! Even better, have a picture of your hair and hairgoal sent to me beforehand!


Whether it's a refresh only or a big hair transformation, it's essential for me to listen to you in order to really comprehend and respect what you want. Throughout our appointement, I make sure that we are on the same page for an optimal result.



AlterEgo hair color offers you, with its keratin delivery system technology,  extraordinary shine and safe results while providing maximum comfort.
It contains natural ingredients including
keratin, coconut, cotton and honey oil and is suitable for reactive and sensitive scalps.

Sarah Lesperance

A little about me

When clients ask me if hairdressing was always what I dreamed of doing. The answer is not as clear for for me. I hadn't necessarily thought about it as a career. However, my interest for  the profession was triggered pretty early on.

I loved change, I would let my hair grow long only to be able to cut it in an extra-short-bob so it could be a REAL metamorphosis.

In 1997, At the age of ten, my mother's hairdresser gave me a blue hair streak with a washable hair mascara and that was really a turning point in my desire to change hair color as soon as I was old enough.

Then around fourteen, after countless pleads and begging, I finally got the green light to color my hair; it became my favorite weekend activity with my girl friends. I must've tried every possible color!
I first studied in the elementary field before realizing, in 2008, that hairdressing-creativity-hair art-was my calling. I found myself as comfortable as a fish in the sea.
  I must say that my teaching talents comes still comes in handy in my hairdressing career. I find it crucial to explain (at minimum) what it is I'm doing in your hair, the techniques I've chosen and why, the products and processes specific to the desired

result for your type of hair. 
Finally, my greatest reward, the reason I'm so passionate of what I do, is seeing the sparkle

of satisfaction in your eyes when you see your reflection in the mirror at the end of our appointment. 

6250 Hutchison #301B, Montreal, QC H2V 4C5, Canada


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