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Sarah Lesperance

At Atelier Major

If you are looking for a cozy and quiet space to indulge in a well deserved

self care/ hair care, you will feel right at ease in our beautiful and light infused loft. 

My priority is for you to feel comfortable throughout our

appointment and to make sure I understand

your hair projects, as well as your hair concerns. 


Alter Ego range

I wisely chose the  line of coloring and styling products  ALTER EGO, which corresponds to my values by bringing together  efficiency, softness, performance and durability.

She exploits  high-performance technologies to be efficient without being aggressive, while remaining respectful of the environment. 

All of their packaging is made from recycled plastic and FSC-certified paper. 

They do not contain sulfates, parabens, petroleum jelly, nickel, chromium or  cobalt and are dermatologically tested.

The skincare range contains high percentages of natural ingredients thanks to the constant search for functional active ingredients in nature.

We hold  in addition  at Atelier Major the well-known line KEVIN.MURPHY; inspired by the best ingredients nature has to offer. Another line that cares about the environment and has great efficiency while being gentle. 

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art."

Ralph Waldo Emerson



It is by discussing before that I will choose the best technique to meet your needs.
Hence the importance of properly communicating our expectations and desires,  Where  even better, have some pictures  inspirations for reference  .

Chopped off

Whether it is a refresh or a big change, it is essential for me to listen to you in order to really understand what you want. I also make sure throughout the cut that we are  always on the same wavelength. 



AlterEgo hair color offers you, with its keratin delivery system technology: extraordinary shine and safe results while providing a  maximum comfort.
Contains natural ingredients like:
keratin, coconut, cotton and honey oil and is suitable for reactive and sensitive scalps.

Sarah Lesperance

a little about me

People sometimes ask me if hairdressing has always been what I wanted to do. The answer is yes and no. I hadn't necessarily thought about it as a career. However, my interest in it was piqued very early on,  1997 at the age of ten when my mother's hairdresser had colored me a blue wick with washable mascara. I loved the change, I only let my hair grow for the feeling of metamorphosis that gave me a very short bob cut.

Then around fourteen,  happiness! By dint of begging, I finally  the green light for  color my hair; my favorite weekend activity with my friends. I had to wear every possible color. Graduation hairstyles for all my girlfriends? I'm taking care of it!
I first studied pre-school primary education before realizing, in 2008, that hairdressing-creativity-hair art-was calling me. I felt like a fish in water.
  I must say that my little teaching side comes out quite a bit and helps me in my job. I find it so important to explain (at least) what I do in your hair, the techniques chosen, the products and processes specific to the desired result and your type of hair. 
Finally, my greatest gift, the reason for my love for my profession, is your satisfaction and the sparkle in your eyes when you like what you see.
  in the miror. 

6250 Hutchison #301B, Montreal, QC H2V 4C5, Canada


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