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Spray bonne mine; sain, sûr et naturel

Facile à appliquer soi-même

Sèche rapidement, sans faire de traces.

Un teint de vacances qui tient jusqu’à 5 jours

Adapté à tous types de peau et à toutes les parties du corps y compris visage, cou et décolleté.

  • Donne un résultat naturel et uniforme.
  • Ingrédients naturels et nourrissants, comme l’Aloë Vera et le Ginkgo.
  • Testé dermatologiquement et sans parabènes
  • Végétalien et non testé sur les animaux





The award winning Natural Tanning Spray is a must-have for those who quickly and easily want a healthy, natural and even-tanned skin. This luxury product is enriched with plant-based, nourishing and pure ingredients, including Aloe vera and Ginkgo. The Natural Tanning Spray is suitable for frequent use. Our spray tan is used daily and recommended by several influential fashion houses, hair & make-up artists and dermatologists.


Our Tanning Spray is easy to apply, dries quickly and does not stain or leave marks. The ingenious spray system ensures a fantastic misting of the product and optimum coverage. The natural and summer complexion lasts for five days on average.

We work with a bag-on-valve system.


This system consists of a bag (containing the liquid) which is welded to the spray valve. The air pressure ensures optimal emptying of the bag. This system is therefore much better for the environment than propellant.



Spray Original Marc Inbane

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