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Donne éclat et volume aux cheveux naturels, colorés ou décolorés.
Ils donnent une brillance extrême,ravivent les couleurs aux tons et nourrie en profondeur grâce au mélange d'ingrédients naturels qui les composent. Grâce à leur texture riche et à la présence de Vitamine E et d'Huile d'Inca, les masques colorés nourrissent les cheveux en profondeur, leur redonnent de la souplesse et exercent des actions anti-oxydantes et anti-âge inégalées.


Dull or faded colours need a vitality boost to recover shine and full colour.

The Passion Color Mask line includes the Alter Ego Italy coloured masks available in 12 shades, from the most natural to the trendiest colours, designed to give shine, pep and volume to both natural and coloured faded, lifeless and dull hair.
They give extreme brightness and revive colours with intense tones and shades by detangling the hair and nourishing it deeply as a result of the mixture of natural ingredients they are made up of.

The hair colour is enhanced, full and shiny. The nourishing and detangling action makes the hair soft, easy to comb and amazingly shiny. All colours are based on cutting-edge pigments.
The functional technology is based on the use of cationic pigments with high, constant chromatic performance ensuring a new level of immediately visible shine.
As a result of their rich texture and the presence of Vitamin E and Inca Oil, the coloured masks deeply nourish the hair, restoring suppleness and performing unmatched anti-oxidant and anti-aging actions.

Perle Passion

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