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MARC INBANE's complexion is a luxury moisturizing face cream. Created for everyday use and protecting the skin against environmental conditions.


The active ingredient Bronzyl® stimulates the production of melanin and activates the natural tanning process. In this way, it contributes to an even tan and encourages the skin to build its own natural UV protection.


Shea butter and a Hygroplex® NMF complex moisturize perfectly, for soft and supple skin. The complexion is enriched with advanced UV protection (UV 10), which prevents against premature photo-aging.


The MARC INBANE complexion is the tinted version of La Hydratante, which immediately gives your skin a beautiful glow. Le Teint is therefore the ideal solution for people who do not like self-tanners but who would still like to have a summer tan for a day.


Qt - 30 ml



MARC INBANE's complexion is a tinted luxury moisturizing day cream for daily use that protects the skin against harmful external influences. The active ingredient Bronzyl™ stimulates the melanin production and thus activates the natural tanning process, which after a few days results in a subtle, healthy glow without sun or self-tanning.


Shea butter and the Hygroplex® NMF complex optimize the moisture balance, soften the skin and keep it supple.


Le Teint is enriched with advanced UV protection (SPF10) that helps to protect against premature aging of the skin due to the harmful effects of the sun.

Natural licorice root extract has been added for its soothing and calming properties, refining the texture of the skin and making it feel silky smooth.


Le Teint immediately gives your skin a beautiful glow during the day!


Qt - 30 ml

Marc Inbane BB cream complexion

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